List of services that Allan Schwartz can provide you for your project.

Creative Services

  • Initial Idea
    Assist creative proprietor with putting the idea down on paper.

  • 1st Draft Script
    Assisting the creator in taking idea, treatment to first draft script.

  • Marketing Proposal (pitch)
    Designing a marketing plan to present idea, first draft or outline to the buyer.

  • Development Negotiations
    Advise and assist in all negotiations with the buyers, investors, and or broadcasters.

  • Step Deal Negotiations
    Consult with creator at every step of the development deal.

  • Production Negotiations
    Consult with creator, producer, executive producer, in all facets of production as required.

  • Internet Program Development
    Consult in negotiations that involve the internet.


Allan can Introduce your project to all distributors; assist in the marketing, be involved in all negotiations in every category named below.

  • Domestic Syndication
  • Cable
  • Foreign Sales
  • Direct to Video
  • Advertising Agency Participation
  • Web Advertisers


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